Vintage Record Auction #42

Closes Saturday night, November 17, 2007

Bids must be emailed, faxed, phoned in or postmarked by midnight, Central Standard Time in order to be valid. Do not wait until the last minute, or your bidsheet may not be entered!

The ethereal Online Bidsheet has been assigned to a new programmer, and is now promised by the end of October. In the meantime, you may submit your bids by email, post or fax to 1-425-930-6862

Choose one of the following files to view or download the entire VRA 42 catalog.

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If you are on a dial-up connection or have trouble opening the entire file at once, please make use of the following catalog sections (all information is the same). The following section listings are all Adobe pdf files, posted for the convenience of bidders who are unable to download the complete catalog files listed above. These section files are simply page blocks from the catalog, so the first entries you see in any given section will generally be the tail end of the previous section. In other words, the last few Acoustic Recordings will be found at the beginning of Section 2.

Section 1

Acoustic Recordings


Section 8

Country & Hillbilly; Blues

Section 2

Odd Spindle Sizes, Uncommon Record Labels, Vertical Recordings, Flexible Records, Longer Playing '78s', Colored Wax Recordings, Picture Records, Children's Records & Test Pressings


Section 9

Jazz, Dance Bands & Be-Bop

Section 3

Sound Effects, Radio Transcriptions & V-Discs  

Section 10

Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues and Post-War Pop

Section 4

Foreign & Ethnic


Section 11

Edison Diamond Discs

Section 5

Operatic & Classical


Section 12

Cylinders (Brown Wax; Concerts; 2 Minute, 3 Minute & 4 Minute Cylinders)

Section 6

Popular Album Sets; Spoken Word & Poetry; Gems & Medleys; Christmas Music; Salon, Concert & Popular Instrumental; Historical Recordings


Section 13

Books, Magazines, Fan Club Journals & Resource Catalog Additions

Section 7

Personality, Comedy & Novelty; Sacred & Sermons



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