Disc-O-File record sleeves are made from 147 lb. brown kraft card stock, so they will not tear or wrinkle when handled. Seams are on the inside to keep sleeves from catching on each other when a record is placed back on the shelf, and a shallow thumb tab is cut to one side of the center line to aid in opening the sleeve with the edge of the disc. This ensures a continuous straight edge across the top of the sleeve, keeping the top edge of the record hidden and protected. Sleeves are printed on one side only with a box in the upper right-hand corner to allow the user to record pertinent information. They are designed so that over-sized records such as Edison Diamond Discs, 12" acoustic Columbias and 16" shellac soundtrack discs will fit comfortably. These are, quite simply, the nicest sleeves on the market today.

Disc-O-Files are used by hundreds of collectors, institutions and archives worldwide including the

Belfer Audio Archive, the Library of Congress, the Ward Irish Music Archives, the BBC Broadcast Archive, the National Library of Canada, Harvard University, the International Piano Archives, the National Library of New Zealand, the First Generation Radio Archives, the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, Pennsylvania State University, and the Yale University Music Library.

Sleeve Size

Disc Size

Disc Examples

Price per Sleeve

5 5/8"

5.5" / 14cm

Little Wonders, children's records


6 1/4"

6" / 15cm

Emersons, children's records


7 1/4"

7" / 18cm

Standard 7" 78s, children's records


8 1/4"

8" / 20cm

Victors, many English labels


9 1/4"

9" / 23cm

Pathés, early US labels


10 1/4"

10" / 25cm

Standard 10" 78s & Diamond Discs



10.5" / 27cm

Fonotipias, Odeons


11 5/8"

11.5" / 29cm

Pathés & other foreign vertical discs


12 1/4"

12" / 30cm

Standard 12" 78s


14 1/4"

14" / 35cm

Pathés, some early labels


16 1/4"

16" / 40cm

Radio Transcriptions, soundtracks


Click on the various disc types to see the corresponding Disc-O-File image. You might even see some rather interesting records when you do!

Click 10" Box or 16" Box to see close-ups of the printed data entry boxes for these sizes. Note that the spaces on the 10" box are duplicated on all sleeve sizes from 5 5/8" to 14 1/4", though the layout may be different due to the size of the sleeve and hole. The 16" box is specially designed to handle information particular to radio transcriptions and soundtrack discs.

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Ordering Information

You are allowed to mix and match sizes, but separate orders may not be combined to gain discounts. The minimum order is 50 sleeves; prices do not include shipping charges. A 10" sample will be sent free upon request to any address.

To order Disc-O-Files, click here if your order will be shipping to a US address. Otherwise, send an email to nauck@78rpm.com stating the quantity desired of each size. We will email back with your total plus shipping.