Nauck's Vintage Radio

The VRA 67 Bidder Request Show will be broadcast courtesy of Radio Dismuke beginning at 11AM Central Standard Time on the weekend of March 28-29 and will repeat continuously until midnight Sunday or whenever the last program hour is completed. Then we will re-broadcast the show on Saturday, April 4 and loop the show until midnight (when the auction closes). This will enable listeners to tune in and out as they are able, since it is difficult for most persons to find a contiguous 10 hour time block to set aside for listening purposes. As always, we will be featuring requests from Nauck customers and Radio Dismuke listeners.

Listen here at Radio Dismuke's Tune-In Page

If you have any difficulties tuning in, go to Dismuke's Help Page.

Click here to open up the full Bidder Request Show Playlist.


Past Shows are available for purchase! 

If you missed our earlier Bidder Request Shows, all 29 broadcasts (Nauctions 39-67) are available for purchase. The cost is $20/show as mp3 files burned onto a single CD (playable on your computer or any device that will play an mp3). You will find the variety of material to be all-encompassing, being a veritable cornucopia of recorded gems ranging from jazz, comedy, dance bands, country and blues to opera, ethnic records and spoken word recordings. In addition to 78s, we play radio transcriptions and even cylinders using the Archeophone. Between tracks, your genial hosts strive to provide a little entertaining and informative commentary as well.

Note that our Bidder Request Show CDs contain bonus hours that were not part of the Internet broadcasts, and that the audio resolution is much higher than what you hear when the program streams. CDs also include label scans from the auction and pdf files of the associated catalogs (which will enable you to look up the records for more information as they are being played).

Bidder Request Shows may be purchased from Nauck's Resource Catalog.