If you have records to sell…


We buy thousands of records and phonographs every year through the mail and on the road. In fact, we drive a large diesel truck through 40 states each year and make regular trips to Europe and South America in search of worthwhile collections. References are available on request.


Click here for a short video that will give you a little information about vintage record values!


For a copy of our illustrated Want List with actual prices paid, send a legal-size self-addressed stamped envelope (LSASE) and $2 to the following address:


Nauck’s Vintage Records

Purchasing Dept.

22004 Sherrod Ln.

Spring, TX  77389


This list will tell you what types of records and phonographs we are looking for and how much we pay for them. (If you live outside the United States, you may send $3 worth of your currency instead of the LSASE and $2.)


Please note that we deal in 78rpm records, cylinders, wind-up phonographs and antique music boxes. We DO NOT deal in 45s, LPs, albums, tapes or electric phonographs!


If you already have a list of your records, you may either mail it to the address above or email it to nauck@78rpm.com. If you mail a list and require a response, please include a SASE. Record lists should include the label name, catalog number and artist. Song titles are not necessary.


Please note that we pay cash for collections; we do not accept consignments (except for extraordinary rarities).